I am a patient who is willing to travel from Las Cruces, New Mexico to Tucson every few months to see Nanie Carrillo because I have a complete trust and high regard for her professionalism. She is an observant, insightful, and intentional practitioner who blends acupuncture with Chinese herbs in her treatments.

My need for alternatives to Western medicine manifested in about 2000. I was too young to be menopausal and I did not “fit” the typical candidate for hormone replacement therapy (HRT). In 2004 a new gynecologist put me on progesterone capsules and later bioidentical progesterone cream to address bleeding during exercise and intercourse. Eventually, I went on testosterone which at diminished levels helped ease low estrogen symptoms like hot flashes, severe fatigue, and depression. Although these treatments provided immediate relief, I knew that hormone replacement therapies were under suspicion for increased rates of breast cancer. I still wanted to find another solution to my short term efforts.

At the same time, I had a significant and long-standing problem with my digestive system and constipation. My M.D.’s recommended being on stool softener for the rest of my life! I first went to a chiropractor who included supplements as part of her treatment.

I gave this approach 1 year. Everything pointed to an endocrine system problem but my M.D.’s felt they had done all they could and were satisfied that most problems were under control.

Despite my fear of needles, I approached Nanie about acupuncture. I let her know how fearful and vulnerable I felt. She gave me full control of the situation by listening to my responses during my treatments. I trusted that I could stop or continue the treatment at any time. Mostly, however, I gave myself over completely to a healing process. I am a very dedicated and committed patient because I have a lot of healing up to do, and I personally do not feel like I can squander any more time.

I have made much progress in the year that I have been under Nanie’s care. I have almost weaned myself off the progesterone and I am diminishing my use of the testosterone. My energy is back, depression is no longer a day to day issue and my digestive system is functioning more efficiently.

My lifestyle has changed for the better, and I am at peace with my problems because of my progress.