Jerry G.

I’m a 65-year-old migraine sufferer. I’ve been getting cluster migraines for 45-50 years. Imitrex, which is a prescription medication was the only thing that has taken my migraines away. My last migraine episode every day for 3 months. I was ready to give up after seeing a medical doctor, an ear, nose and throat doctor, a chiropractor, and nothing help for any length of time. I looked into acupuncture and stumbled across Nanie Carrillo on the internet, god was with me that day… I was very impressed with Nanie’s demeanor, her calm way of explaining acupuncture and her calm approaching with me.

My headaches were nearly gone after my first acupuncture session and I haven’t had any sign of a headache since going to Nanie in October 2014.
I am so deeply indebted to Nanie, and I trust her wholeheartedly.
I would recommend her over and over again…
Thank You Nanie

Sincerely Jerry G.