Moxa and Cupping

Moxa is a traditional Chinese technique that involves the heating of point or points, lines or surface of the skin or just heating the needles that are already placed on the body.

It is used in a variety of ways from small cones which are placed directly over the skin to warm particular acupuncture points, or in the form of a Moxa stick which hovers over an area of the body to warm. It’s an effective tool for nourishing or moving energy. This method is very effective and pleasant for treating cold diseases, Qi deficiency, Qi stagnation and Yang deficiency. The length or duration of moxibustion should not be shorter than 10 minutes. Moxa is often used as a technique supporting acupuncture.

Cupping is an old tradition that is well known and popular in various traditional medical systems, present also in western medicine.

This method is an effective way to warm up, to move stagnation and remove toxins. Cups in Chinese medicine are placed on acupuncture points (this can be done simultaneously with acupuncture), along the course of the meridians or one can use the mobile cup. Static or moving, cups are very effective at moving stagnant energy and stimulate blood flow, especially effective for muscular skeletal aches, pains and tension. Plastic suction cups are frequently used within a massage therapy session to alleviate tension knots.

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